Yurei - 0.3.0

Yurei - 0.3.0 

Work on the archer enemy has been slow. The logic is working fine for quite some time but the art is moving slow. For this version I focused on improving the tutorial area in the beginning. I changed the tile sizes because it was hard to make more robust scenarios with the size I was using.

The battle system was also improved. I can now set up waves of enemies. This way enemies in the second wave will only spawn after all the first ones are dead.

I built a game command executer. Now it's quite easy to set up in-game events like when this is triggered, start a battle, and close the door. I will improve this going forward.

A new thing added was loot on the floor. Now I can create some loot around the level and the player will able to collect it.

See ya next time.


Yurei_0.3.0.zip 40 MB
May 24, 2020

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