v.0.5.0: Breakable objects

Finally got around adding breakable objects into the game. I was a bit hesitant to add it because of the enemy AI. The movement is quite simple now. I will add path finding in the future. For now, I'm placing most breakables on the corners to avoid issues. 

Another round of cleanup. This time around was with my collision systems. Mostly naming. I was using damageable and hitter to distinguish the type of triggers the actors had. I switched to "hitbox" and "hurtbox".  Also, I added an option to select a color for my collider drawer. This makes it way easier to tell the triggers and colliders apart.

I changed my FSM logic to allow inverse condition. So instead of always checking if it's true, I can pick and choose true/false per condition. Hopefully have to write less code with this. 

The art for the enemy archer is not ready yet. I decided to change the placeholder to one more suitable. I was able to find a good archer enemy with all the animations I needed. This was good because adding an actual attack animation made me have to sync up when to spawn the arrow. 

Hopefully, the final art for the  archer will be added this week. I want to add more archers in the first area and have battles involving both enemies. This will give quite a bit of room to add more variety in the game. 


Yurei_0.5.0.zip 40 MB
Jun 07, 2020

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