v.0.6.0: Archer enemy

The archer is finally integrated with all animations. It's nice having it match the level and the samurai. Once you add the animations you start rethinking the logical states that you have. Since the player can now see the enemy pulling the bow I'll have to tweak my state machine for the archer.

Other than that most changes were to internal systems. The biggest one being audio. I have this AudioData class that has an array of AudioClips. This way I can play PlayerAttack and it will cycle through the clips. I have this generic Scriptable Object database loader. So I included the AudioData in this system as well. Of course it led to some issues but in the end it's nice to have it all in the same place.  

I also deleted a bunch of classes that were kind of redundant. For example, I had different classes for attributes. One class for attributes that could be "recovered" like HP and Stamina. Another class for attributes like Vitality and Endurance which are like upgrades. I already a base class for these two so I ended up getting rid of both. The proof that they weren't necessary showed by how easy it was to remove them. 

Finally, I fixed some UI issues on the HUD when collecting many tamashis. The level was also reworked from the middle section to the end. It's a bit more challenging now to get to the end so I hope it only gets better moving forward. 


Yurei_0.6.0.zip 41 MB
Jun 17, 2020

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