Devlog #16 - v0.9 - New HUD and Improved Archer

This month was good. I focused on removing a lot of "clutter" code. There were a lot of unused classes, some methods lying around as well. I don't want to rework stuff, but if I see something that's not being used, I'm removing it. 

The goal is to slowly simplify the project while keeping things working. 


For the archer, I added a line of attack before he shoots the arrow. Also, the arrow now has a line VFX. 


I added a new HUD that displays which wave you are in. It's much clearer how far into the level you are. 

Cheats Panel Reworked

Behind the scenes I improved my "cheats" panel. I turned that into a debugger panel. Added some debugging options for my persistence classes.


Next month I won't have much free time. I plan to fix some bugs with the gameplay and continue implementing the Survival levels.

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May 29, 2021

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