v0.14 - Skill System

Skill System

For this month, I continued working on the skills. I finished the basic UI to select the skills before the stage. Two skills are implemented, and I'm saving the selection you made.

As you can see, there are different states. The skill will be either locked, available, or equipped. 

As I mentioned, I want to keep the skill implementation flexible. Luckily I had worked on the item system before, and a lot of that also works on the skills. 

Each skill has a list of Effects. Each effect has a target attribute and amount change. So, for example, in the Damage Up skill, you get one damage, but your stamina recovers a bit slower. 

Badges and Skills

I went back to my design documentation to try and make sense of all the decisions I'm making. For now, each stage will have three badges. Upon completing the badge requirement, you get a soul. You can spend souls to activate skills.

You can activate and deactivate as you wish. This way, you can configure your build for the stage ahead.

Each skill starts locked. To unlock it, you'll have to finish a specific level with a given rank. Ranks vary from C to S. For each badge you complete, your rank goes up. 

For the skills, I think I have a decent amount planned. For the badges, I think it still needs more work. I'll have to do some research into other games and iterate on that.

Improved Debugger

Last but not least I improved my debugger. My debugger is a set of options I have on the editor that allows changing gameplay elements on the fly. 

First, I took some time to clean up the options I already had. I made it look nicer. And then, I added a handy option that allows me to complete the current stage. This should speed up testing time quite a bit.

What's Next

For next month I want to add more complex skills. For example, a skill gives you more stamina, but enemies deal more damage.

Other than that, I don't want to add any other feature. I just want to tweak and improve those I already have. I also plan to improve the UI since it is pretty bland now.

Thanks for reading all the way here. Have a great week all!

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Nov 29, 2021

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