Devlog #22 - v0.15 - Target Content and More Features

This month was quite busy. I'm super happy with how much progress I made. 

I usually track the time I spend on the project. For this month I spent almost 60hours on it. I only work on weekends and days off. For comparison, in November, I worked only 18 hours. 

Target Game Content

One thing that kept bothering me was figuring out how much content to build. I took some time and researched similar games. 

I came out with a target time of 2 hours for the main path playthrough. With an average of 2.5 minutes per level, if I do 30 levels, I'll end up with 1h and 15 minutes. 

So I'm looking into ways to increase the game's duration. Either with more levels or making combat tougher. 

First Ten Stages

For this version, I have the first ten stages. There's a clear progression of difficulty and enemy variation. I noticed that editing the stages on Unity wasn't working quite as well. 

Since I already keep the stages on a google docs spreadsheet for balancing, I made it possible to import that into the game.


I implemented different wave types. One of those is the Hunter. In it, you have to kill a certain amount of enemies in a given time. This allows me to have a stage with a similar number of enemies, but you'll have to play it with a different strategy in mind.

In another mode, you have to kill enemies when they are within a given area. Again, this adds a different layer when playing the level.

UI Improvements

A lot of the UI needs to be improved. I don't want to do it all until I have the rest of the game done. That being said, I made some improvements here and there to get a better-looking UI. 

I added the video options to the options menu. Nothing ground-breaking. I did have to make a custom script to get that selection as I wanted.

Improved Stage Select Menu

Last but not least, I reworked the Arena Select Menu. I have a few ideas about how to move this forward. For now, it already looks a thousand times better. 

Once again, thanks for reading up until here. 

If you are interested in the game please feel free to follow me on Twitter @brightflask.

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Jan 02, 2022

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