Devlog #23 - v0.16 - Combo, Boss and More!

For this month I managed to get around 84 hours into the project. I'm working with a new artist to get the next areas done and then some enemies. 

UI Improvements

Quite a few of my UI was reworked. It was bugging me for quite some time. It's still not final, I'm not happy with it. But as I keep saying, it's better than it was before. That's what is important for now.

Castle Arena

I was able to test the Castle tileset. The artist is new to making tilesets, so it took a bit of back and forth. I used Tiled to stress the tileset. It seems to work quite well. I'm happy with it. It matches the style, and it was a must-have for me.

Reworked my Game FSM to Animator

Up until now, I've been using my implementation of an FSM. It's a simple FSM and a State class. It worked well on a previous project. The main drawback is that I had no visuals for it. So debugging could be a problem. 

I decided to toy with the Animator and tried to hook up a similar system to it. Surprisingly it didn't take much effort. The result is I have the same FSM features plus the Animator window for debugging.

Implemented Gear

Gear was on my mind for a while. Gear will act as a permanent upgrade. While skills will add different behaviors, you have to activate the skills you want. They aren't permanent upgrades. The screen is similar to the skills one, and I plan on merging those and just adding a tab for each.

Implemented Combo System

The combo system is one of those features I wanted to do for quite some time. It ended up being super easy to get it done since I already had all the rest in place. I iterated on the UI for a while and I'm pretty happy with the final result.

Implemented Boss Shield

I've finally implemented the boss enemy. I need to iterate more on it. I added a shield mechanic that will block damage. The shield will also regenerate. So you have to attack it quickly enough so it breaks. And after that, you can damage the boss. 

Reworked Item Use Code

I had a complex system for items. The idea was that you could buy different items and set them to a slot for quick use. I stripped all that, and now you'll only have a potion. That potion will be able to be upgraded, but that's it. 

Implemented Status Effect

I wanted to do Status Effects for a while. I can add some variety to the levels, without having to make new enemies. So, I started with Paralysis. Once affected, you can't attack for the next X seconds. 

If you want to follow Yurei's progress I'm on twitter as @brightflask.

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Feb 06, 2022

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