Devlog #24 - v0.17 - New Art, 2D Lights and Animator FSM

This month was tough for me. There were some changes to my day job. Suffice it to say that I am exhausted. Nevertheless, I managed to get some work done.

New Forest and Castle Tilesets

Over the past month, I've been working with a talented artist on new tilesets. He is working on the two other areas of the game: the forest and the Castle. It took some iterations, but I am excited about the results.

2D Lights

I've been thinking of ways to add variety to the game without new enemies. Since the first area is a cave, I wanted to make "dark" levels. With lower visibility, you get a completely different level. It's still a work in progress, but I can already see a lot of o value from it.

New FSM Using Animator

I decided to ditch my old FSM system in favor of a new one. The main reason was that my old one was hard to debug. I had nothing visual to see what state an object was in beside the inspector. So I hacked the animator and built an FSM system with it. It ended up taking less time than I thought it would.

The Old FSM

The new FSM


I have not been as productive as I wanted, but I have to keep pushing through. 

Thanks for reading until here and if you want more updates check out @brightflask on twitter.

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Mar 05, 2022

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